For more than 30 years I’ve helped people and businesses resolve disputes.  
Disputes involving getting paid what they’re owed, not paying what they don’t owe,
land they own, and putting their lives back together financially when they’ve been
hurt—or a family member has been hurt or lost their life—in an accident.  

The disputes commonly arise from a contract they’ve made, a business relationship
they’re involved in, land they own, a lease they've made—commercial as well as
residential, and injuries sustained or death caused by an accident.

I’m AV rated with Martindale Hubbell.  I’ve prosecuted and defended civil lawsuits in
the trial and appellate courts of Florida, including the Florida Supreme Court, so if
resolution requires prosecuting or defending a lawsuit, I do it.  I’m certified by the
Florida Supreme Court to mediate civil disputes in the Circuit Courts and the
County Courts,
and as an Appellate Mediator. The Florida Supreme Court has also
qualified me to arbitrate civil disputes in the Circuit and County Courts.   I've
associated with the distinguished team of former Mediation, Inc., mediators affiliated
with Jim Chaplin at Mediation Firm, Inc. (954-765-8000) to mediate cases filed in the
trial and appellate courts of Florida.

After graduating from college, I served our country for more than four years as a
commissioned officer in the Marine Corps, including service in Vietnam, reaching
the rank of Captain.  Following service in the Marines, I attended law school.  After
graduating, my wife and I moved to Fort Lauderdale, where we have lived during
the entire time I've practiced law.  
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